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Women’s Learning – A Perspective from Slabodka

I happen to come across a piece from Rabbi Avraham Grodzinski (see here), a Mashgiach in Slabodka.  He is in the middle of a piece elaborating on the place of the human intellect in religious life and its status as a source of obligation.  In that context, he has  footnote why he thinks that women are obviously, to an extent, obligated in Talmud Torah, even if they are not formally included in the obligations derived from pesukim.   Continue reading Women’s Learning – A Perspective from Slabodka

Korach, Kohanim, and the Chashmonaim

After the 250 men who challenged Moshe and Aharon are killed by the heavenly fire, Hashem instructs Moshe to have Elazar take the pans used in the test of the Ketoret and make a cover for the Mizbeach.  The goal is so that others will not be “like Korach and his congregation.” Continue reading Korach, Kohanim, and the Chashmonaim