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Amoraim Arguing on Tanaaim – The Meiri

It is commonly understood that Amoraim are not allowed to argue with Tanaaim, or at least that they don’t.  The Chazon Ish (Mamrim 2:1) claimed this was because the Tanaaim were greater than the Amoraim and closer to Sinai.  The Kesef Mishna (ibid) and R. Chaim (cited in Kovetz Shiurim Bava Batra 633) claim that they simply agreed not to, but in theory could have (and if they do, we might rule like them).  The Rambam (cited ibid) claims that Amoraim only refrain from disagreeing with Tanaaitic position in Mishanyot or Beraitot.  What surprised me, however, is the position of the Meiri in Seder HaKabbala – his introduction to Pirkei Avot. Continue reading Amoraim Arguing on Tanaaim – The Meiri