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The Bar Ilan Responsa Project and Poskim Part 2

Several months ago I discussed several Halachic issues that were affected by the abundance of sefarim, search engines of Halachic texts, articles, and other resources that make it easier to accumulate a vast amount of information very quickly (here).  Specifically, I noted the suggestion that originated with the Ri that the Halacha of moreh halacha bifnei rabo was mitigated when our primary teachers are sefarim.  I realize I did not mention the flip side.  The Shevus Yaakov and Peri Megadim, both cited in Pischei Teshuva, argue that as our teachers are sefarim, it is irresponsible to poskan without first checking in books, even if one knows the answer.  This a helpful corrective to that position, not mentioning the opposing view of the Aruch Hashulchan that I mentioned then.  Continue reading The Bar Ilan Responsa Project and Poskim Part 2