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A Beracha on a Bread Sandwich – Ironic or Serious?

Sometimes you read a line in the Gemara and you’re not sure whether it was meant to be serious, sarcastic, ironic, hyperbole etc. I’ve noted this in the past, as well as noting the complicated relationship of lines like this of psak (here, summarized: here). For example, when the Gemara says that “it would be better to throw yourself into a fiery furnace rather than embarrass someone publicly” – is that a Halachic statement telling you that this embarrassing people is yehareg ve-al yaavor (Tosafot and Rabbenu Yonah’s position), or an exaggeration that no one should take literally (Rivash and Meiri). So, I came across a line that I’m not sure about, so I’m throwing it out there for suggestions. Continue reading A Beracha on a Bread Sandwich – Ironic or Serious?