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The “Minhag” to Not Eat Meals on Friday

I assume that for many people, Friday night dinner is often the first meal eaten in about 24 hours.  We all know the experience – you start cooking Thursday night, and you either snack on what you are preparing for Shabbat or grab a quick bowl of cereal in between doing errands, or something of the sorts.  Friday, especially during the winter, is even worse.  Recently I discovered a Meiri that seems to provide Halachic basis for this “minhag klal yisrael”.  Continue reading The “Minhag” to Not Eat Meals on Friday


Schisms and Lo Tisgodedu (Halachic Methodology 14)

Last week we dealt with the topic of minhag.  We discussed the different types of minhagim, the parameters of when they are binding, and the rationale behind their prominent place in the Halachic system.  This shiur dealt with the other side of that coin – the prohibition of lo tisgodedu (לא תתגודדו).  Chazal derive from the possuk prohibiting cutting oneself in mourning another issur – לא תעשו אגודות אגודות- don’t splinter into different groups.  This prohibition in some circumstances binds people to the practices of the community to prevent them from splitting into factions.  We will not get into the technical issues of how this is derived from the possuk and what its relationship is to the prohibition concerning mourning.  I tried to give a framework to understand the legal and philosophical issues involved in this prohibition. Continue reading Schisms and Lo Tisgodedu (Halachic Methodology 14)